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Motion Type Kit

Motion Type Kit

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Motion graphics toolkit for Adobe After Effects CC. Features a modular design system that allows users to customize and create complex type animations for your videos.


  • A robust toolkit enabling you to create unique graphics FAST with zero plugins
  • Completely customize text, colors, treatments, details, grids, animations, and more
  • 40+ templated type animations
  • Edit in AE & export for use in the editing software of your choice
    (Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc.)



    Whether you are a ten-year pro, a junior editor, or an emerging hobbyist -- this kit is as easy as they come. Recreate the popular Kinetic Typography poster animations that you see all over tv, social, and the web BUT with your own signature touch

    Design on the fly by layering custom treatments like glow, glitch, or flicker effects... with additional design texture like shapes and animated grids. All of this is controlled with simple checkboxes and sliders.

    When you're happy with what you've brewed up in After Effects, export with or without an alpha for your timeline inside your favorite editing suite.


    Add intricacy to your next project.


    Perfect for your next film, music video, or live visual. Use for your YouTube channel, IG story, or Twitch stream.



      MODULAR DESIGN SYSTEM (execute in any order)

      1. Edit and replace type
      2. Dial in your color
      3. Layer in a treatment
      4. Add some final detail (grids, background text, abstract shapes, & animation)



      • 15 "Treatments"

      • 8 additional "Animate-In" templates
      • 11 "Details"
      • 5 "Element" shapes 
      • 10 "Grids"


      6 animated Lower Third templates come packaged with your purchase of Motion Type Kit




      Footage in promo by cottonbro

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